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  • Surface type: Asphere with even terms Coeff.
  • Seidel Aberration Coeff. to know the SPHA.
  • Multi-Start to find the initial data
  • MF Target: RMS Spot Radius with more real rays

In the last sample for singlet, we have got 43um spot size.

For more inforamtion, please visit: How to Design a Singlet?

We can find the seidel aberration coeff. to know that the main aberration is sphere aberration [SPHA].

The design is also from plane, but with conic as variables

The sag of asphere is:

For the asphere, we need more real rays sample to get small spot.

Click Multi-Start to find good initial data from plane

We got many choices.

Automatic to run DLS optimization

Better result

We can have differently result from different Multi-Start as show in the follow two picture.

We can also fix one surface.

We use the high order terms as variables.

Get perfect design.