1. Update paraxial ray trace mathod
  2. Support EFFL BFL
  3. Update for importing zmx seq cax format files
  4. Update the ray aiming window
  5. Update glass file read function
  6. Support invert paraxial ray trace
  7. Add pupil posiiton calculation
  8. Add object NA and Magnification calculation
  9. Support Image space numerical aperture calculation.   
  10. Paraxial image height at the paraxial image surface
  11. Add standard surface type
  12. Add real ray trace
  13. Support text windows display
  14. Update paraxial ray trace
  15. Support normally filed and pupil
  16. Support text save
  17. Add first order data window
  18. Add paraxial ray trace window
  19. Add YNI calculation
  20. Update surface type list